About Us

We have been selling Goth, punk and fetish items on eBay as Black Lodge Trading since 2014 and enjoyed great success.
We have launched Black Rose Red Thorns to showcase our handmade items on a dedicated website. This enables us to offer items at competitive prices and gives us the freedom we need to make and sell products that we believe in.

We strive to use the highest quality components in all our products to produce items that we’re proud to put our name to.
Everything we sell is handmade to order and is free from animal products.

Any metalwork is stainless steel or nickel-plated brass, where possible, and this is from UK sources. We do not use imported metalwork, as in our experience it is poorly made and the finish is not what we want for our products.
Where design allows, we use Chicago screws instead of punched rivets. Chicago screws are much stronger and much more reliable than punched rivets and will ensure everything stays where it should.

All Biothane we use is the genuine article, not an inferior, weaker and poorly finished imported copy.

We do not to use any animal-based components to create our products and, wherever possible, we source our components from within the UK. As a small UK business ourselves, we believe it is important to support other UK businesses, especially in the current political and economic climate.