Size Guide

Measuring your neck for a collar

Getting a good neck measurement is crucial when purchasing a collar, it will ensure you get a comfortable collar with the right fit for you. The best thing to use to do this is a fabric dressmaker’s tape, but a piece of string and a ruler would do. A helpful assistant is always useful and makes the job much easier.

Put the tape or string around the bottom of your neck, where you would like the collar to sit, adjust slowly until it is comfortable, then take the measurement. If you are using string, you will need to mark the string with a pen or pencil and then use a ruler to measure the length of the string to that point. Take this measurement and compare it to the size table below to find the ideal size of collar for your neck.

We suggest choosing the size of collar which has your neck measurement nearest the middle of its range to give you greater flexibility for tightening and loosening it as required. For example, if your neck measurement comes to 40cm, the best size for you is Medium.

Biothane Collar Sizes

Small 32cm-40cm
Medium 35cm-43cm
Large 40cm-48cm