He’s sure fine lookin’, man, he’s something else…

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When I woke this morning I realised that it was forty years ago today that John Simon Ritchie, better know as Sid Vicious died of a heroin overdose. It had been less than four months since the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, the murder of whom Sid was accused. He was on bail for this charge when he assaulted Patti Smiths brother Todd and was sentenced to fifty five days in Riker’s Island Prison. On his release a party was held to celebrate and it was there that he overdosed in the night.

Since his death Sid has come to embody Punk. A leather clad icon for the live fast die young attitude of youth, armed with a guitar and three chords, snarling, spitting and kicking against the pricks.

Sidney, we salute you!